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McAfee Family Protection 2.6108

It protects children of all ages from exposure to inappropriate content
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McAfee Family Protection is a handy application that helps you protect your children by blocking their access to adult content websites, inappropriate videos from YouTube, and etc.
In order to use this application you will need to create a personal account on the homepage of the developer and once you activate this account you will be able to use the application. The interface is simple and intuitive, but if you need additional information regarding the functionality of the program, you can always check the Help menu.

Once you log into your administrator account, you can start creating profiles for each member of your family by entering a username and a password, choosing the proper age-range and adjusting the privacy settings according to your needs. Now on, each time your children log into their accounts, their access to adult content websites, inappropriate songs or videos, will be blocked instantly. This program will also allow you to monitor and save instant messaging discussions and social networking posts.

A significant advantage of using this application is the fact that you will be able to input the amount of time that your children are spending online on their computer.

Additionally, you can set the program to notify you with an e-mail if your children are accessing inappropriate websites.

Briefly, it's worth trying McAfee Family Protection, a very useful application that helps you manage your children's access to adult content websites, monitor their instant messaging discussions and establish the time they spend online.

Ashley Griggs
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  • User-friendly interface
  • Notifies the administrator with an e-mail if the family member is accessing inappropriate websites
  • Many restriction configurations available


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